“King of all Dzis” Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet


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Men's, Tiger's Eye


9-EYE TIBETAN DZI sacral chakra healing crystal beaded bracelet is made with 11-12mm Red Tiger's Eye gemstone beads, sterling silver accent beads, and a durable elastic cord.

The “King of all Dzis”, 9-EYE DZI beads are the most revered and desired among all of the Dzi beads; this is because, in Buddhism, the number nine is a symbol of completeness and fullness.

This Dzi is believed to bring all forms of luck and benefits, some of these being augmented authority, increased income, higher status on the corporate ladder, fantastic financial gains, holy blessings, and everlasting health. In addition to this, the Nine Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads will eliminate obstacles and allow for increased upward mobility.

GEMSTONE: natural Red Tiger's Eye
ACCENTS: sterling silver


USE FOR: strength, confidence, willpower, positivity
CHAKRA: sacral, solar plexus 
MANTRA: I can illuminate the darkest shadows.

A stone of authenticity and integrity, Tiger’s Eye promotes wise use of power and control with its grounding and balancing energy. This stone is essential for understanding your limitations as well as recognizing your strengths and special skills. If you are working with others, Tiger’s Eye encourages you to delegate responsibilities and maintain an unbiased perspective.



Bracelets are strung with durable stretchy elastic cord, making them easy to take on and off for daily wear. They are handmade to order in the following sizes:
  • XS (5.5 in / 14 cm)
  • S (5.9 in / 15 cm)
  • M (6.5 in / 16.5 cm)
  • L (7 in / 18 cm)
  • XL (7.5 in / 19 cm)
  • XXL (7.9 in / 20 cm)

S is our STOCK size and fits most women. L is our STOCK size and fits most men. If you are unsure of the right size for you, simply measure around your wrist with a piece of string, mark it and lay beside a ruler.


9.5" is our STOCK size for anklets and fits most women. Please specify if you need different sizing at checkout.


Necklaces are strung with durable stretchy elastic cord, making them easy to take on and off for daily wear.

16" and 18" is our STOCK size for most necklaces. Please message us if you need different sizing. Pricing may differ slightly.