925 Silver LUNA Necklace


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This sterling silver moon crescent horn necklace is the ultimate symbol of the divine feminine. 

PENDANT   17mm x 19mm
CHAIN   52cm + 5cm

An everyday talisman of feminine energy, hidden celestial meanings, and symbolism, our LUNA necklace is a representation of female empowerment, a symbol of new life, new beginnings, creativity, deeper knowledge, and spiritual connection.

Celebrate the inspirational women in your life. Say “I love you to the moon and back” without saying a word. Wear it as a reminder to trust your intuition and follow your dreams. Or gift it as a thoughtful message that brings your loved ones closer… “No matter where you are, we are always looking at the same moon".


WEAR SILVER FOR: protection, intuition, moon magic, the divine feminine energy

Silver is the metal of emotions, of the psychic mind, and of loving as well as healing. It is used to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer. When silver is used with gemstones, the metal retains and amplifies the qualities emitted by the stones.

Silver is the metal/color of the moon, the feminine, the night, introspection, the cyclic nature of life, coolness, stillness, magic, and ambiguity.

Silver, a mirror, a reflection, and a path to the inner consciousness, is considered the main occult metal, because its patroness is the Moon, "supervising" secret knowledge. Silver's magical mission number one is to protect a wearer from dark forces, evil eye, damage, and other similar negative influences and energies.






Bracelets are strung with durable stretchy elastic cord, making them easy to take on and off for daily wear. They are handmade to order in the following sizes:
  • XS (5.5 in / 14 cm)
  • S (5.9 in / 15 cm)
  • M (6.5 in / 16.5 cm)
  • L (7 in / 18 cm)
  • XL (7.5 in / 19 cm)
  • XXL (7.9 in / 20 cm)

S is our STOCK size and fits most women. L is our STOCK size and fits most men. If you are unsure of the right size for you, simply measure around your wrist with a piece of string, mark it and lay beside a ruler.


9.5" is our STOCK size for anklets and fits most women. Please specify if you need different sizing at checkout.


Necklaces are strung with durable stretchy elastic cord, making them easy to take on and off for daily wear.

16" and 18" is our STOCK size for most necklaces. Please message us if you need different sizing. Pricing may differ slightly.